24 mars 2008

New Wikio has arrived.

Wikio released a new version this past week. I'm biased on Wikio, I confess. I'm an investor, like the team and the founders are my friends. Enough to be biased, isn't it?
So, when a startup like this release a new product, praising it the very first day ain't credible.
I let few days go by to see how it would develop in me.
Well, result is clear: I like it. I like the new UI, cleaner, more ajax with expand and collapse right on the page, definitely more accurate search and addition of video is really cool.
Congrats Guys. Great job.


Blogger MML said...

Hello! This is Miles over at Wikio.com. Thanks for your vote of confidence! Continue to check out the site on a regular basis and watch as things improve even further...

All the best,

2:22 PM  
Anonymous Marc Thouvenin said...

Hello Freddy,
Great to read that you like our new version !
Did you notice we focused on making the RSS subscription easier ?
Feel free to add the Wikio RSS button on you blog ;-)

3:58 PM  
Blogger Freddy Mini said...

Hey Miles and Marc, thanks for the post. I see wikio is getting international which is great!
Marc, not sure to understand what ur asking me?

6:05 AM  

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