25 mars 2008

Love me, please love me...

(Yes, it's a song from Michel Polnareff.)

Jason Calacanis is offering a free MacBook Air if you accept to follow him on Twitter and help him get the numero Uno position on Twitter, in front of Robert "too-famous" Scoble.

Well, first, the MacBook is used as I understand it. But anyway, is a MacBook enough to entertain a couple of hundred or thousand followers and more importantly, what will happen the day after the precious MacBook gets won by a soon to become famous as well follower? Will it be one MacBook Air per month? week? Will Jason be official Apple distributor?

Well, that brings two important questions: 1/ is follower a new fee based job on the internet? 2/ can you be famous in following?

Anyway, this is really funny and brings an interesting angle to the micro-celebrity syndrome on the Internet. After all, isn't it a simple step towards buying its own audience? You are the media, they said...


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