10 octobre 2007

a $600 bargain

$620 for a while today. $192B de valuation. Google definitely means big numbers.
If you were not scared by the subprime drama in mid August, you could have bought GOOG at $470ish, which means 30% in less than 2 months.
Today, Google is the 11th most valuable company in the US, still shy of $90B from the once considered unreachable Microsoft. Assuming Microsoft stays where it is for a while in the $30 range, Google will be over Microsoft at short above $900 a share. a 2008 goal?

For the record, while Google grew 30% over the past 2 months, Apple gained more than 50%... and Yahoo! only 12%. So you can read advices to sell Apple now (NY Times) and buy Yahoo! as it looks like a bargain at 1/22th of the price of a Google share (MarketWatch).

Well, this interesting article points out Google to be way cheaper than Yahoo! with 30 times 08 earning vs 50 times for Yahoo!

I won't give any advice on the stock market but would love to collect your thoughts on those 3:
1. will Google continue to skyrocket at this pace?
2. is Apple at its highest now?
3. is Yahoo! the best bet now, just before Jerry Yang's announcement on coming new strategy?

Ready, aim... shoot :-)


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