10 décembre 2007

Market cap overview. Innovation pays out...

Here's a quick look at market capitalization evolution in the last 10 years .
Basically, you have:
1. the historical, forever here, stars that are now only getting back to levels they knew before the bubble bust in 2001: HP, IBM, MSFT. With a special mention for Adobe who is above its highest level
2. those who are not recovering: Yahoo and Ebay
3. and those way above: Google and Apple.

What has the 3rd category in common: they innovate in new sectors...


HPQ 133000 market cap equals 2000

IBM 150000 market cap equals 2001

AAPL 170000 more than 6 times market cap in 2000


MSFT 323000 market cap equals 2001

ADBE 25000 market cap slightly above highest point, was in 2001


YHOO 34000 market cap still under 2005. never recovered from bubble burst
EBAY 45000 market cap is lower than 2004/05

GOOG 223000 market cap at all time high

ETFC 1750 market cap crashed following mortgage market troubles


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