16 novembre 2007

Songza: UI 2.0 + social music = cool site

Wow! Check this site out. Songza, the music search engine and internet jukebox. (tag line sounds familiar ;-))
I simply love the new User Interface using Ajax in a new way. A click on a song gets you to a 4 directional menu, very clever as it's not only contextual but it's friendly and doesn't take any real estate on screen. Very smart!
I also love the rating of the recording. This should fix the problem SingingFish (now AOL) and others had with broken links. Good recording goes to the top of the list, pushing your search to be more precise.
I like the way you create playlist. Super easy.
Finally, the Share process is super easy. (less sexy and powerful than Hulu.com (I'll review this one in a short while)). Check out this box down here...

Well, did I mentioned I loved it? :-)
And you, do you like it?


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