31 mars 2008


Dan Farber is an ex colleague, a mentor and... a friend.
I've been blogging for 3 years now and the debate about journalism and blogging, and no-original content in blogging or even the latest tension over TechMeme's role or even definition have created the need in me to post my profound thoughts about all this.

I wrote 4 versions of this post and, as I still wasn't satisfied with it, just saved it without posting it.

And just read Dan's post on his own blog about this very subject. [you definitely should read it]

And it's perfect. Spot on. Right on. A+.

It makes the point. Not that he has much more talent than I do (no blog needed for that :-)), but makes me feel great to just continue blogging... even pushing it with a post like one: No personal added value but still a sense of a contribution. Thanks Dan, you're definitely a friend. ;-)


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