14 juillet 2008


When police reports meet with Google Maps, it gives you this daily updated mashup of what's going on near you.
Here's our neighborhood at netvibes office for the last 30 days... [here]

PS: note to readers: thanks for your patience (and emails), I've not blogged much lately. I'm not putting this blog on hold but will simply post now and then.

26 avril 2008

Very personal keyboard

Erik De Nijs is definitely a creative designer. We knew the iPod jeans at Levi's, he now creates the first (to my knowledge) keyboard pants. I wonder how it feels? and if he has plans for a version with separated numpad on the back pocket?
Very personal keyboard :-)

19 avril 2008

Very funny

10 avril 2008


[photo credit SFChronicle]
Took me 1 hour to drive 3 miles on highway 280 southbound last nite. Imagine 6 lanes going into a small city exit. Now I know why. Highway was closed because of a shooting. A guy with 2 kids on the backseat got shot dead by another driver.
I live 2 miles from there. And the article says it's the second time this week! Fortunately not at this very spot but still.
This is not news on TV while having a drink. This is real life, scary shit. After a "free Tibet" day, when are we going to have a "free of guns" day?

08 avril 2008

Blogging safe

Ok. now, I'm worried. After reading Michael Arrington's testimonials in VNUNet about the threat of blogging and consequences on your health... man. 30 pounds in 3 years (took me 10 years to get those, but I'm a slow blogger too :-)
Anyway, this post is a safe one. Short, no picture. Cool. We want to manage the author, don't we?

$2.6M for a pizza

... but any pizza. Pizza.com was just sold for this amount. Story (BBC) doesn't say how slices and if toppings were extras :-)

So, here's a message to a famous car company, bought by BMW few years ago. if you're looking for the electronic version of the Mini... just ask. At this price, I'm ready ;-))

01 avril 2008

iPhone 3G coming up in May

Is it still a rumor when analyst at Bank of America predicts it?
10M in manufacturing, 8M if second half forecast, support for MS Exchange, etc... the new iPhone 3G is expected in San Francisco for the Apple Worldwide developer conference on June 9th. SDK should be ready as well. First one to be delivered in May...

Now the question is: at what price? and will there be upgrade programs for the iPhone bought lately?

31 mars 2008


Dan Farber is an ex colleague, a mentor and... a friend.
I've been blogging for 3 years now and the debate about journalism and blogging, and no-original content in blogging or even the latest tension over TechMeme's role or even definition have created the need in me to post my profound thoughts about all this.

I wrote 4 versions of this post and, as I still wasn't satisfied with it, just saved it without posting it.

And just read Dan's post on his own blog about this very subject. [you definitely should read it]

And it's perfect. Spot on. Right on. A+.

It makes the point. Not that he has much more talent than I do (no blog needed for that :-)), but makes me feel great to just continue blogging... even pushing it with a post like one: No personal added value but still a sense of a contribution. Thanks Dan, you're definitely a friend. ;-)
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