11 octobre 2007

Firefox to go. Apple to open?

Rumored for a while and officially announced yesterday, Firefox will be available on your mobile. This is a important and interesting news.
Important because Firefox has a huge faithful installed base with more than 100M users and, as true open source, is really open thru its XUL language.

And of course, very interesting when you consider the progression of Safari installed by default on your iPhone and iTouch (which for the record, is, to me, the coolest product Apple has launched since the Mac! but it's me ;-)) and long lasting rumors of the gPhone (Google and Mozilla are very close. and not only geographically :-))

So, the immediate question to Steve J. after the recent lock up happening to iPhone suspected, rightfully or wrongfully, of been cracked: will Apple open it's mobile browsing product to Safari?
A lot of Mac users, as faithful and dedicated as they could have been, have already switched to Firefox on their mac...


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