15 janvier 2008

A difficult or a great environment?

Steve Jobs did his show this morning. Announced a new ultra thin laptop, 4M iPhone sold, a new iTV, numerous deals with the movie industrie and... the stock lost 5.45%!
After market, Intel released its numbers which are 51% above in sales, Y2Y, and stock is falling more than 12% after hours!

Hard to believe this is because Wall Street is disappointed with the earning per share, 38 cents vs 40 cents expected?

So it is a bubble busting or the whole bath tube? Is it a difficult environment or the best environment ever to buy AAPL? After all, Apple just introduced a new cool product, in a segment enjoying very few competition and a new playground for growth of his quite-ubiquituous iTune Store: the movie rental industry. The price target remain well above $200... what if this was the easiest 30% capital gain lately? ;-)


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