21 février 2008

Mission: Ginger

Some is wrong on this poster: Ginger will be release (way) before May 22nd :-)
(thanks to Mo for the link. fun creation with this site (in french))

13 février 2008

Have you seen what everybody has already seen?

This is most viewed video of all time. 74M views and counting. It's really funny but it brings one comment: have you seen that video before? So the most popular site of video sharing has an all time most viewed video and you haven't seen it yet?
Is it because of you being totally has been or simply because popular has a more long tail sense on the Internet?
Anyway... enjoy that video and let's add to this counter :-)

12 février 2008

Facebook for life

Interesting article in the NY Times about how hard, near impossible it is to delete your account on Facebook. Citing a group in Facebook of about 4,800 members just on that very matter. Now it brings two questions:
1. how do Facebook deal with local privacy laws where it is mandatory to be able to delete all footprint of yours with a single email? like in Europe and France in particular?
2. how can you be willing to leave facebook... with a group on facebook? ;-) The egg or the chicken? who's leaving first...

11 février 2008


Interesting week coming up.
Tomorrow monday, Yahoo! will most likely reject Microsoft offer at $44.6B considering the price to be too low. (I'm not surprised and believe so as well).
Will Microsoft come back with a $35 a share offer, which means a shy of $49B bid?
Will Microsoft sign with Google an ad pact giving a gigantic inventory to the search giant?
Your thoughts?


First, I saw the presentation at TC 40 in Oct.
Then, I register to the beta.
And now I use it each time I travel. It's super cool to have everything about your trip in one place including some neat gadgets.
But now, TripIt comes with TripIt to Me, a service that makes you ask for an information about your trip in a simple language. It's like sending an email to your Executive Assistant, which I don't have...
Send "get schedule tomorrow" to plans@tripit.com and... your schedule for tomorrow including the weather, stuff near by etc... arrives to your blackberry (or anything you use to read your email)
Not only those guys have invented a smart way to understand and get intelligence out of confirmation emails but now they make the service talk to you.
Like an eExecutive Assistant. Free and 7/24.

I'm waiting for the command "get me a double expresso" and the Starbuck guy will ring downstairs 10 mns later :-)

07 février 2008

Showing off? maybe. Proud? very.

Yes, it looks like showing off, and well, yes, it is if being proud of the job done is showing off. Naturally, it's a team work and all congrats go to all of them. Say, it's team show off made by a proud individual.
But, for a few sec, it feels good to see, a year after netvibes, inc. has opened, some concrete results. And ginger is not launched yet...

And guys, a post, not on MS-Yahoo!, has to be refreshing, somehow, hasn't it? ;-)

04 février 2008

$44.6B. A bargain.

So it was not rumors. For the past year; Microsoft tried to convince Yahoo! of a friendly merger. As I heard from trusted internal sources, Yahoo!'s founders refused. Thursday, as my previous post highlighted, Yahoo!'s stock reached a bargain price. Friday, Steve Balmer sent a letter to Yahoo!s board to propose a 62 percent premium to that day stock price, making this hostile offer a $44.6B takeover.

Let's spend few minutes on the price of the transaction.

1. $44.6B is cheap
Yahoo! has 500 Millions Unique Users a month. A short while ago, Microsoft paid $300 per UU his stake in Facebook. I even believe it's more than that when considering the guaranteed regular revenue. Especially in the light of last week Lookery's announcement to guarantee $0.125 CPM... At Facebook's UU valuation, Yahoo! is worth $150B. 3 times more.
It's also cheap when you consider the end result: $31 per stock. Over the past year, Yahoo! was traded around this price and was $34 on Oct 29th 07. Considering that all major stocks, besides MSFT, have been hammered with Q4 results and also in the light of all analysts maintaining their target prices over the next 12 months... Balmer is making an offer at fair or regular market price!
I personally believe the price will go higher...

2. But it's a lot of cash. Even for Microsoft
Paid 50 percent in cash, Microsoft will have to cut a check of $22.3B
Even for Microsoft, that's a lot of money and I'm eager to get info on how this will be finance, if you know more, please let me know. Either directly via email (my first name at emini.com) or with a comment to this post?
Which makes me believe the price will go higher but in stock exchange mostly.

Interesting week ahead...

Meanwhile, here's Google's first reaction. Here too, more to come... This is just the beginning.
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