15 octobre 2007


At a time every city is considering video surveillance and, for some, struggling with individual privacy, here's a new tool used here: the license plate screener. Cameras like this (4 like this installed on this police car) read all license plates and compare them to a central database of stolen, or simply researched, vehicles. The cop drives in parking lot or wait at traffic lights, when a license plate is recognized, an alert is triggered and... gotcha!

No it's not science fiction, it's information and it was just used here to find the aggressor of a little girl. The runaway guy thought of taking a stolen car but didn't know of this very efficient piece of technology. All story is here.

Now, for fun, or just to get scared, imagine this system coupled with the database of all unpaid tickets... next time you go back to your car, a cop might wait for you, asking for a check ;-))
Unlimited applications... are you scared?


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