06 novembre 2007

Does Social made me popular?

Can hardly be more cliche, if not has been, than saying we are living a fantastic of change in the way we communicate. Well, today is my birthday and I'm experiencing a new effect of this communication revolution:

I never received so many "happy birthday-ish" messages. Ever!

Am I suddenly more popular? nah. But with Facebook, emails, Plaxo et al, I now think not getting a Happy Birthday from my friend will be rude! The reverse way: now that you have all to know, if you don't do, it will be offending.

That being said, I love it. For a long time, it was common thinking to believe we were living in a self-centered, selfish, individualist society only generating depressing loneliness. Is it me being overoptimistic on my BDay full of sudden unexpected attention or a real encouraging trend?

Who knows? I'll let you know next year ;-)

Question: do you think Social creates a environment with less-loneliness?


Blogger Julien said...

Happy Birthday Freddy !

8:38 AM  
Anonymous Julien said...

Happy BDay then! But, come-on, you're popular too!

7:29 PM  

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