11 novembre 2007

A netvibes widget on your page or blog?

Want to insert a netvibes Widget to your page or blog (check USA Today in the right column)?

And offer direct, one-click install to all major platforms and desktops supported by netvibes UWA,
like for example Windows Vista or Apple Dashboard?

Like this FoxNews Premium Widget featuring major live content from Fox News? Super easy...

install this widget on: Vista Windows Vista | Apple Dashboard Apple Dashboard

First, select your Widget in netvibes ecosystem. In this example, FoxNews

1. Insert the widget
Get the exact widget address by right-clicking on the word "source", in this example: http://www.netvibes.com/modules/multipleFeeds/multipleFeeds.php?
, and replace the address in green in the following code with the address of your selected widget

<iframe src=

frameborder="0" height="400" scrolling="no" width="320"></iframe>

Note: adjust the height parameter to best fit within your page

2. Get one-click installation links
You can just grab the link from the links to install on different platform from the ecosystem page or insert the following code within your page. Replace the code in green by the Widget ID displayed in the URL of the page after /widgets/XXXXXX/

<a href="http://eco.netvibes.com/subscribe/205109
?platform=vista" title="Get widget for Windows Vista"><img src="http://eco.netvibes.com/style/public_v2/
img/install-vista.png" alt="Vista" height="16" width="16" /> Windows Vista</a>

To install on a different platform, just replace the parameter "platform" with: igoogle, vista, dashboard or opera.
Remove the parameter to install on Netvibes ;-)

Enjoy and feel free to share where you've installed those widgets...


Blogger Veter said...

This would be awesome, but unfortunately I can only see the frame of the window when I paste the code. I thought it was my link (http://www.netvibes.com/modules/multipleFeeds/multipleFeeds.php?provider=businesswire_subj)
but the same happens when I paste the Fox News link that you have. Any suggestions? Thanks.

10:37 PM  

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