14 juin 2007

Les US envieux de la France

A deguster sans moderation. Bill Maher est un tres celebre humoriste Americain, notoirement anti-Bush et qui explique ici pourquoi les US devraient simplement prendre exemple sur les Francais.
Tout simplement excellent...


Anonymous american woman said...

Tres bien, merci Le Emini. I did not see this here, but it is a wonderful rebuke for all of us (and there are many) who hated the "French bashing" that was so relentless, and unnecessary, in our media. Great laugh - thank you Bill! (And I apoligize if my French is improper - it has been years, no, decades since I used it!)

8:23 AM  
Blogger Freddy Mini said...

@american woman. thanks for your comment. FYI, there is now a US version of this blog at http://theeminiblog.blogspot.com/

Do I know you?

8:31 AM  
Anonymous american woman said...

No, I am sure you do not know me. However, I will check out your US version!

8:14 AM  

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